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All my life I have known the transformational nature of sound, from uplifting music, to songs exploring the human condition, to the healing power of sound therapy – sound has always been a part of my life.


Music has a powerful effect on all of us. Applied together with mantra, I have studied how to use these to great healing effect; easing stress, unblocking stagnant energies and facilitating personal and spiritual growth.


My healer’s journey led me to study various methods of Sound Healing with native instruments, Vedic mantras and Traditional Tibetan sound healing. I am one of only a few in Australia with such extensive experience in these modalities and they are the foundation of all my guided meditation sessions.


Each session is unique, as I channel original melodies and rhythms of each mantra for these sessions, to help relax your mind and focus your intentions on what you want to achieve in the session. Whatever is your most pressing need, we make that our intention and invite in those qualities and feelings.


Recently I have developed programs for my longer retreats so you can fully immerse in relaxation and let go of the outside world. For between two and five days we go through various activities designed to relax, inspire and invigorate your mind, heart and body.


I am also qualified in massage therapy and have been practicing for 13 years. In private sessions, I combine massage with sound healing and intuitive touch to relax, soothe and heal.


I look forward to meeting you, and to help you on your journey of relaxation, purpose and clarity.

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